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Into The Light - Online Video Course

The Secret of Modern Spirituality

Modern Spirituality means constant contact to your inner guidance, your Soul, in your day to day experience!  You live in a harmonious relationship with yourself, your body, those around you and the environment. You know about the agenda of your Soul and follow it. This deep inner connection enables you to communicate with all Souls, those of all people in your life, of departed beings and animals.

This course holds the essence of over twenty years of intense inner work and experience as a therapist and life coach. All tools you learn are highly effectice, proven to work in daily life and enable you to turn what might seem ordenary into a magical experience of your life! Your days will be more meaningful, richer in so many ways, more joyful and heartcenterd. This course provides a short cut in your spiritual and personal growth process. You receive practical "training sessions" that deepen your awareness. You will have the precious experience of being connected to your Inner Guidance, your Soul, in any given moment, no matter what! And you will create the awareness that every moment of your day is spiritual, wonderful and worth living! I am honored to support you on this journey and be of service at this time of your life.

(Preview of the first 3 of 15 videos plus bonuses)

Video 1: What you need to get started 

What is important for this course? What can you expect? You will receive practical tools to start living fearlessly and on purpose. Those tools are suitable for every day life, modern and effective. Together we create a sacred container in which you will experience your transformation. 

Video 2: Between worlds

We get right going! You will learn that the physical world and the spiritual realm are, in truth, not seperate from each other. You can experience both at the same time, at any moment of your day and life.

Video 3: The Sounds of Silence 

Living full and busy lives we often forget to listen to the most important voice of them all: The voice of our Inner Guidance. In this video you learn how to become receptive to the "Sounds of Silence" and to trust in what you receive. You prepare yourself for authentic Soul-communication. 

Summary of content

These are some of the most important subjects of the course:

  • Learning to receive the "Sounds of Silence" and becoming fearless of the unknown
  • The language of the Soul and how Souls communicate
  • Learning to let go and to "die" voluntarily as part of the transformational process s
  • Ending self sabotage and coming home to your true self
  • Finding true peace within yourself and radiating it out into the world
  • Communicating with those who have transitioned and animals
  • Your spiritual support team and how to receive all the help you have dreamed of
  • Creating the highest version of yourself out of a feeling of deep love and joy
  • ...and so much more!

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